Why do many Vietnamese customers go to coffee shops nowadays?

Nowadays, more and more coffee shops are opening in the market, and the habit of “going to coffee” of Vietnamese people has created a more youthful coffee culture. According to a study, 31% of people who go to a coffee shop 3-4 times per week. (source: qandme.net)

Moreover, Vietnamese people usually come to coffee at the weekend (night time) and before working time. So, what are purposes of individuals going to the coffee?


1. Choosing a coffee shop as a working space

According to a recent study by a sound engineer of Japanese, when the researchers examined four groups of employees work in environments with a different sound, they found that people in groups of 70 dB (similar to voice chat in the coffee shop) perform better than other groups. If the noise is lower 50dB or above 85 dB shall reduce the creative possibilities.

With the conversation at the coffee, you will not need to know the curious content of stories, so that this kind of noise does not affect your ability to concentrate. Moreover, the moderate noise in the coffee may assist you to escape from the usual line of thinking and help to expand thinking and come up with new ideas.
Therefore, more and more young Vietnamese like to choose a coffee shop to work as a way to find inspiration and get out of office space.

2. Place for meeting friend, meeting your partners or customers

When meeting friends, your partners or your customers, it’s important to choose a place which is convenience and attractive for all.

Coffee shop is also easy to choose, no reservation required, and the price is not too high for a short meeting.
Therefore, a coffee shop often is the first place to choose for that cases.

3. Having a deep passion for enjoying coffee in the shop

Of course, we go to a coffee shop to enjoy coffee. An investigation shows that 55% of customers who took part in the survey walked into a coffee shop to order traditional coffee (with milk); 34% of customers order a smoothie, 26% of customers order a cappuccino and 23% of customers order a Vietnamese coffee (black), etc. (source: qandme.net)

Many people come to the cafe to enjoy coffee. They often have their favorite coffee shop with palatable drinks. Going to coffee as a way to spend their free time, reduce stress or a short time escape of working.

In conclusion, customers go to a coffee shop not only to enjoy coffee. Understanding the reason why customers go to your coffee shop will help you to get more and more customers.


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