Vietnam Economical Factors

Vietnam Key Economic FactorsLastDate UpdatedPreviousFrequency
Population (Million) 9619-Dec-20 95Yearly
GDP Annual Growth Rate (%) 320-Sep-20 0Quarterly
GDP (USD Billion) 26219-Dec-20 245Yearly
GDP Constant Prices (VND Billion) 2,578,10820-Sep-20 1,594,140Quarterly
Gross National Product (VND Billion) 5,686,98519-Dec-20 5,154,552Yearly
Gross Fixed Capital Formation (VND Billion) 1,462,99419-Dec-20 1,321,906Yearly
GDP per capita (USD) 2,08219-Dec-20 1,964Yearly
GDP per capita PPP (USD) 8,04119-Dec-20 7,586Yearly
GDP From Agriculture (VND Billion) 359,77520-Sep-20 230,920Quarterly
GDP From Construction (VND Billion) 156,36620-Sep-20 89,659Quarterly
GDP From Manufacturing (VND Billion) 518,96720-Sep-20 321,343Quarterly
GDP From Mining (VND Billion) 127,31520-Sep-20 84,385Quarterly
GDP From Public Administration (VND Billion) 69,86020-Sep-20 45,309Quarterly
GDP From Services (VND Billion) 991,22820-Sep-20 599,315Quarterly
GDP From Transport (VND Billion) 72,78720-Sep-20 45,283Quarterly
GDP From Utilities (VND Billion) 16,48920-Sep-20 10,207Quarterly
Unemployment Rate (%) 320-Jun-20 2Quarterly
Inflation Rate (%) 320-Sep-20 3Monthly
Interest Rate (%) 420-Sep-20 5Daily
Balance of Trade (USD Billion) 420-Sep-20 5Monthly
Car Registrations 26,84820-Sep-20 19,601Monthly
Retail Sales Yoy (%) 520-Sep-20 2Monthly
Consumer Spending (VND Billion) 4,115,18619-Dec-20 3,745,063Yearly
Consumer Confidence (points) 11720-Jun-20 126Quarterly

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