Nowadays, with technology creating massive marketing opportunities, there are still some important criterion for developing an effective one to support your business mission. ASHAVI looked at some of the most essential factors that to help you get clear on all things you need in the plan. These are the following.

1.  Define your basic marketing needs

The very first and one of the most important steps is defining what you need. Establishing clear success metrics for your marketing goals is essential as everything you do will relate back to them. You should have only the top 3 priority needs only. The other needs are nice to have. If you have more than 3 needs, your marketing plan will be wider and not focus on the right direction, and you would waste your resource due to so many priorities.

All of your goals should be based on SMART structures (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-bound). It will help you define exactly what you want to accomplish & give your team clarity on the outcomes that they are working for. Make sure your SMART goals are: Business-driven, Improvable & Actionable.

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2.     Tailor Your Message – What Makes Your Business Unique?

When creating a marketing plan, companies often have a hard time thinking about the products & services from their customers’ mindset. Once you know what you’re up against in the market, it’s time to identify the approach that makes you stand out from other counterparts.

Here are some basic questions that usually used to all types of audiences:

  • Why your target clients should choose you over the competition?
  • What the target audience already knows about you/your business?
  • How do audience members feel about it?

Of the most important things when tailoring the message is to do market research. This means reviewing all information that you know about your customers, analysis of their levels & what they need to be informed.

Your key messages delivering to your customer should be your brand positioning. Thinking about the brand positioning you want the customer perceived, the brand positioning you are currently own, and the brand positioning you don’t want to own. Every campaign of marketing should be consistent messages to ensure customer perception is created in the way you want to achieve.

basic step of marketing plan3.     Content is king as always

Content marketing is rising to flood tide levels. As we move through the marketing plan it is now time to start building what your company is going to be present to customers.  It is everything that customers can expose your business, includes Guides, profiles, brochures, blog articles, web pages, social posts, video explainers, emails, …It’s important to determine what the team can manage and when to hire an expert. Have a team of designers? Copywriters? Social media optimizers?

The content should focus on:

  • Answering a potential customer’s questions
  • Why your solution & your company are the best choices

You should tell what your customer wants to hear, rather than tell what you have.

4.   How much money will you spend, and on what?

If you have an annual marketing budget, but you should break it down into separate monthly budgets to track results continuously to focus on the items that work for your business. Therefore, here are a few items that you need to take attention to when planning your spending:

  • Advertising: how much money you’ll spend on both digital & traditional channels like advertising on Google, sponsored content, social media promotions,…
  • Freelancers – outsourcing teams: in case you want to test out a new marketing campaign, hire a short-term freelancer or outsourcing to a professional agency to conduct.
  • Content/marketing materials building: budget how much money used to create content such as: introduction videos, photos, brochures, profile, social posts, design,….so you can adjust based on its ROI.

The benefit of market research

5.     Last but not least – Always rely on reliable data source

Nowadays, Big data helping businesses a lot in targeting specific customers and even predict purchasing trends. Thorough market research can tell you how your company is perceived by the target customers, determine who and where your customers are, and which customers are most likely to do business with you.

With this information, you can get in touch with consumers before they search for your products or services.

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