Smart Travel – A trend of Young Generation

The unstoppable growth of technology has changed the way people book and travel. Especially for the young generation – who are leading in this digital revolution, and they will be the key to change the whole game in the Travel industry.

What is Smart travel?

Before, the process of booking a flight ticket was all manual. You call the customer service or go directly to the flight ticket agent store to ask about the available seat. It was kind of “luck of the draw” and people have to take the risk that they could have to go to many places to check about the ticket availability. In the travel and hospitality industry, this was mostly face-to-face, or at least is voice-to-voice. 

That is one of many issues that we used to face in the past. However, when everything moved online, it was easier for people to book a ticket, hotel reservation and so on. Therefore, nowadays, people only need to stay at home or anywhere  with an internet connection, with their mobile phone, can search, consider and book whenever they want. Many people travel only based on smart devices and it helps to save much more time and money, it is called “Smart travel”.

Nowadays, nobody can ignore technology assistance to the travel and hospitality industry. They are the perfect combination. According to a Google Travel research, 74% of travelers plan their trips based on the Internet information, while only 13% of still use travel agencies to prepare for the trip.

Young travelers – the potential generation of Smart travel

Young generation brings fresh air to all industries, including Travel & Hospitality also. You might hear about Millennials (or as known as Generation Y) – this is the concept of anyone born between 1981 and 1996 (ages 23 to 38 in 2020). In simple terms, this is one of the demographic cohorts following Generation X and preceding Generation Z.

According to Bloomberg, Millennials are representing the largest generation up to now, making up 31.5% of the world’s population at 7.7 billion.

Millennials travelers are very potential in the Travel Industry. 

Why is that? First of all, this generation grew up and has strong bonding with the Internet. They are proactive to reach technology and find it makes their lives more convenient and efficient.

This Millennials traveler group also plays a crucial role in the travel way: from choosing the vacation destination, on the way they go until they finish the trip and give feedback, review, recommendation, etc. The entire experience process would proceed online without face-to-face meeting with any travel agencies.

According to the recent statistics of Condor Ferries shows that 66% of millennials book their trip using a smartphone and 74% use it to research

It also pointed out that 87% millennials use Facebook to inspire their booking, and over 50% used Pinterest or Twitter.


How to approach millennials travelers in the best way?

For  a young generation that grew up with technology like Millennials, almost three in four of them used to research before travel and adapt well with travel apps such as Agoda, Traveloka,, etc. Therefore, here are some useful ways to help you gain more young travelers. 

Mobile Applications. According to TripAdvisor, 45% of users use the smartphone for everything they need to do with their vacations. These  applications should bring some specific advantages to users such as outstanding efficiency, convenience, user friendly, promotions, etc.

Social Media. If you do not want to build mobile applications, social media networking is the best way to help you reach your potential young travelers. Research shows that 97% millennials will share travel experiences on social media, with 2 in 3 posting once a day (Source: Condor Ferries). This combined has opened a new way to context where social media, mobile apps, personal blogs, and so more have an important part to play when it’s time to play a trip. You better have a clear, effective marketing plan to attract targeted audiences and gain engagement. Your marketing plan should focus on content, bringing these experiences, and inspired stories, spreading in social media to encourage the Millennials to travel. 

Virtual Assistants. You might be familiar with Siri or Google Map voice direction assistant, which help you with daily basis such as open email, check out the weather today or guide you to the route to your destination and so more. A virtual assistant now can also make short work of arranging for more convenient travelling experience. Especially for the young generation –  who are very proactive and adapt with new technology, they would love to have a “virtual friend” on the way they travel.

Millennials travelers are very potential in the Travel Industry.

Language translation apps. The advantages of language translation apps are fast, convenient and easy to use. This is the favorable option for travelers when they go to other countries where local people might not speak English well or they cannot understand what the speaker said. The language translation app can be an interpreter for dialogues with local people, help travelers translate from voice or scan a sentence in the banner, a sign, or translate from a menu when travelers go to a local restaurant, etc.

Conduct Market Research. There is no shortcut to knowing what is people’s demand except listening to their opinion. Conducting a suitable market research or survey to young people to see what is the difference between before and during the pandemic happens could point out many valuable insights.

Technological advances recently have changed the way people travel, and these new developments in the future promise an even more interactive and exciting experience. Group of Millennials is a big potential for all hospitality and travel industry. Their travel needs are variable from single traveler to group traveler, family travelers, business travel, experiential travel, etc. Understanding their needs and requirements would help your business grow stronger and sustainable. If you want to reach the best solution for market research and technology, contact ASHAVI for further consultants.

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