Outstanding Advantages of Taking Online Classes

With the booming of the internet in the last 2 decades, online education has increased rapidly. Especially in the time of COVID-19 epidemic outbreaks around the world, online education is getting more attention and usage higher than before.

According to Ashavi Research, 52% parents in the survey claimed that they have registered online courses for their kids during the covid quarantine time. (https://ashavi.com/infographic-how-customer-feel-during-covid-19-crisis-time/)

What are the benefits of online learning? Are those benefits consistent with the current needs of society? 

According to the research, there are top 5 key benefits of Online Learning (E-Learning), they are flexibility, cost effective, saving time in documentation, learning effective, less face to face (F2F) interaction.


Now, let’s talk about those benefits in details:

First benefit of Online Learning is Flexibility

Online learning is quite suitable for those who are unable to attend traditional classes for reasons such as geographic distance, travel time, time to take a course, etc. Online learning helps those who are unable to attend regular lessons, saving travel time for both instructors and students. Instead of having to spend more than 30 minutes on the road to attend a class (maximum 4 hours), they can save 30 minutes of moving time to be able to complete other tasks in those times.

Second benefit is cost effective

E-learning is not expensive at all. For example, students

can save costs related to transportation, fuel, parking, maintenance vehicles, or public transportation. Those costs won’t be affected by online classes. As learning programs have only one overseas training center, it is difficult for learners to participate throughout the process. Students have to spend more money on rent, accommodation, and living expenses.

Third benefit is saving time in documentation

All the documents, the course data, and the lessons will be stored on the online database. Everything will be clarified and sorted in an organized way, students can search for those documents fast and save more time than ever. It is very useful for those who need to search for mass data and source of information to complete research or a thesis. 

Forth benefit is advocacy opportunities at work and opportunities to learn more skills at the same time

You can learn one online course or many courses in the same period of time as you can learn it at any time in a day you want, night or morning depending purely on your own schedule. Online classes have a flexible schedule, you can choose the appropriate courses with no constraints compared to traditional classes. This can make you more flexible to customize your working time and activities with the time to join classes. There are online courses that do not require learners to be present at the same time as the class, but you can still take part in and acquire knowledge at your own pace and way of learning like online discussion forums. 

If you want to improve your existing level or learn a new field to complement your knowledge base, it does not mean that you have to temporarily leave your current job. Joining an online class helps you both gain knowledge and improve complete your career.

Online learning gives you the opportunity to work and learn at the same time (Source: Internet)

When you start signing up for a new class, you’ll come across a situation where there are too many classes you want to take but don’t have enough time to attend classes in the way we still define a class. As long as you can arrange your own schedule, you can still attend many different classes at the same time through online learning instead of enrolling in the actual classroom.

And last but not least, the fifth benefit of E-learning that we can see that is minimize face-to-face meetings

When natural disasters such as earthquakes, storms, and floods occur, and especially in the current situation when COVID-19 epidemic outbreaks are strong, countries will issue orders for social isolation, schools will have to close. doors and of course students also have to miss school. As a result, the class time will be interrupted, so online learning is a feasible measure for this case.

In general whether you choose to take an old-style class or take an online course depends on the individual’s situation. E-learning is undeniable that the significant strengths of participating in online learning are that you are the one who proactively controls the schedule and the learning environment. And in the past few years, online learning has grown strongly and marked in 2020 as a new solution for the education of many countries. So the future is promising for online learning, helping education reach more people than ever before.

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