New Year Resolutions For Your Workplace In 2021

New Year resolutions are not only essential, but New Year resolutions at the workplace are also necessary. Start January off right with these meaningful and creative New Year’s resolutions for your office. Find inspiration to get you started with business-wide objectives that can benefit your entire workplace here with ASHAVI.

New year 2021

1. Redecoration of the office

The way your office’s interior is designed and how it looks has a great impact on your staff’s spirit. If the interiors are very dull at your workplace and do not add any radiance, they might also be quite de-motivating. In your office interiors, you can make a New Year resolution to make certain redecoration or remodeling.

To prevent the location from being too dormant, cool tones along with warm tones can be used together. You can bring a warm tone to the workplace with some beautiful furnishings. You can use wood tones and beige tones to maintain the subtle and professional look of the place. In the workplace, adequate lighting is a must and you can bring certain plants into your office.

With easy and affordable improvements, try to spruce up your workplace, such as:

  • Artwork – Anything visual can all add some life and bring character to your space, including paintings, prints, and even figurines.
  • Paint – A new coat of paint can transform just about any room and may help fuel some inspirational and outside-the-box thinking, depending on the color.
  • Plants – Add to desks, entrances, or boardrooms some greenery

For more ideas on how to create a more lively and productive space for your employees, read  50 Ways to Improve Your Office Working Environment.

2. Bring fun into the workplace


To make your organization an ideal workplace where your employees look forward to coming and spending time with each other, you can set a New Year resolution. This will make them feel happy and your organization’s productivity will increase. When your employees have a fun-filled workplace experience, this can be possible and work-related stress is lower.

You can find out what your workers are going to enjoy. Initiatives such as organizing healthy workplace competitions such as sports competitions such as football, cricket, and indoor games such as table tennis, chess, and other curricular activities can be undertaken. In addition, team outings, lunches for potluck, birthday celebrations, etc. can be done to keep your employees quite relaxed even within a tight schedule.

3. Support for Professional Development

You can help your staff hone their skills this year and continue to grow by offering programs for learning and development.

For corporate groups, here are some of our most popular options:

  • Emotional Intelligence – Help your team improve their EQ by developing their self-awareness and social skills at work.
  • Conflict Resolution – Find out how a negative clash with a coworker can turn you and your colleagues into an opportunity to strengthen relationships.
  • Fundamentals of coaching – With this program, leadership teams can learn constructive ways to nurture the individuals they are responsible for.
  • Practical time management – Discover how distractions can be minimized and how to make the most of your office time.

4. Encourage the HR department to set New Year resolutions

Some of the below-mentioned practice areas may consist of New Year resolutions for HR in your organization.

  1. Setting up a resolution to provide employees with positive feedback on a regular basis instead of only at the time of the performance review.
  2. One of the major New Year resolutions for HR’s maybe to review and update the organization’s HR policies where necessary.
  3. Establish a resolution to regularly and diligently organize training programs for staff.
  4. The entire HR department is able to meet and discuss areas that require further work and improvement.
  5. Updating one’s personal file’s HR handbook and reorganization.

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