Importance of User Experience Research to Retain Users

User experience or UX, as generally known, is defined as how an individual feels when interacting with a system. The system can be anything from a website, desktop software, web application, or any form of device interface.

Why is user experience important?

User experience is essential because it strives to manage and achieve users’ needs. The aim is to provide positive experiences that result in users being loyal to a particular product or brand. In addition to that, a positive user experience enables providers to define customer ventures on their websites.

Importance of User Experience Research to Retain Users

Methods of how user experience is processed :

There are various steps, providers can follow to develop a positive user experience. Some of them are listed below:


  • Create user personas


The first step to process meaningful UX is to know the research audience. This enables providers to develop experiences that the user can relate to. We can start with a user persona , which is a sort of semi-fictional representation of an ideal customer supported by data on existing audience and market research.

When the development of user personas is over, providers are presented with the profile of the person their site is interacting with.

To develop personas, developers must dig into their site’s analytics and customer data along with conducting internal as well as external interviews/ surveys.

Some traits that developers might want to consider while creating a personas are:

  • Personality (extrovert/introvert, creative/studious, etc)
  • Demographics (age, career, family status, location, etc)
  • Motivations

And about any other pieces of information that help developers in getting to know their audiences. The purpose of researching and modeling user personas is to help us gain a deeper understanding of their buying behavior. This particularly is a useful insight  intended to inform decisions regarding sales and marketing strategies. These personas take a considerable time to get developed but it is worth investing in for the long run. There are various steps that developers must ensure to take to gather all the data and information needed to create a meaningful and useful personas. However, personas are subject to change over time as a brand/business evolves and customer base expands.

Importance of User Experience Research to Retain Users 

  1. Interface testing

The more data that is collected while building a user interface, the better. Developers can conduct a study to compare the quality and effectiveness of experiences between multiple user interfaces, including any current site. Developers can distribute the website impressions into groups of two and show each of them a different version of pages on their site. Once developers get a considerable sample size, they can analyze which version performs better than the other and decide accordingly.


  1. User surveys

Surveying existing and possible users of the website to gain feedback on what would be the most effective design could help brands retain users more successfully. The best way to approach this method is to directly interact with users to obtain insight. A firsthand view of how users interact with a website can prove to be valuable to developers.

Importance of User Experience Research to Retain Users 

Using these methods to develop a simple method to provide a positive user experience not only increases the profitability of the brand but also simplifies user’s lifes. If a website is easy and fun to access to the users, they are bound to stay loyal and will most probably contribute to attracting more customers to a website’s traffic. At Ashavi, we could help your business with the customised apps / effective functional websites with interactive graphics to get more great customer experience. Contact us today:


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