How do you raise your human capital?

The end of the year is coming, and if you are running a business, one of the most important thing that you need to do is “Year-end employee performance reviews”. As a superior, your responsibility is measure and maintain employee’s effectiveness and satisfaction also. So, why is it so important?


Employee Satisfaction

Employee satisfaction is how satisfied employees are with their jobs. It could be measured through Engagement Survey, which will measure how much your employees are satisfied and involved with their job in the organization. It is driven by myriad of personal, organizational, environmental and advance factors.


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Relationship Strengths

The relationship within and outside team/ department is key lever to deliver superior performance. The Employee Engagement Index also reflect it in combination to the employees’ satisfaction.




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  Professional Growth

The Employee Engagement Index will help to identify the direction of career progression & growth.





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Choosing the right method

By choosing a suitable engagement survey and asking the right questions, you could measure the right factors with accurate benchmarked, unbiased result and backed by statistics, your organization could construct a strategic plan to improve employee satisfaction and engagement. Therefore, you also could win your employee loyalty and they will stand by your organization even in the worst scenario.

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The Unique Employee Engagement Index gives “intensity of engagement” to statistically benchmark employees for further “diagnosis” to identify the area of opportunity for organization.

A very uniquely crafted approach to collect the unbiased opinion is now available in ASHAVI and can be customized in context your organization and still can be benchmarked versus others.

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