Emotional Intelligence Platform (EIPs): Neurosciences

  • The choices tend to rely more on direct unconscious and emotional responses, and thus rely on things such as gut feelings. In behavioural economics, this distinction between the conscious/rational and the unconscious/”irrational” is sometimes called a dual model of consumer choice.
  • It has become clear that consumer choice – like most other human choices – are not particularly rational or driven by reflective, conscious deliberation.
  • Ashavi testing platform covers advertisement evaluation (inclusive of website, films, etc), product design, packaging development and retail outlay.
  • Its measures, Cognitive, Arousal, Motivation and Visual Attention for any product & creative.







Benefit of Affect Lab platform

Subconcious mind dominates in decision making

95% of our decision making takes place in the subconscious mind. However the inputs used for predicting are gathered on a conscious level and diluted by socially desired responses. AffectLab measures the subsconcious responses directly.

No Questions Asked

We can now understand consumers cognition and emotions without asking any questions

Actionable Insights even with Inarticulate Consumers

The average consumer finds it difficult to break down his own thought processes and respond to surveys. Eliciting meaningful response from Inarticulate or Young consumers is next to impossible in traditional surveys . This does not hamper AffectLab based Research.

No time for post-rationalization

  Often post facto rationalization skews consumer’s responses and clouds the researchers perspective. The real-time process leaves no room for post facto rationalization

Real-time response measurement

  Viewer’s minds process the Stimuli as they experience it. No data is lost between the processing of the Stimuli and the collection of data by AffectLab. In the case of a  Survey, there is a time delay between the two which can cause significant data loss.

Quick turnaround time

  AffectLab process is fast and the raw data is available at every instant. Usual turn around time for studies is 2 days.



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