Digital transformation in Automotive Industry

The significant changes and development of technology has impacted many industries, in which Automotive is the most. Automotive is one of the biggest industries which is moving forward faster than other industries thanks to technology. The digital application in Automotive has brought many effectiveness and quality to all stakeholders from manufacturers, suppliers, customers, etc.

Industry 4.0 has pushed the digital transformation capabilities in the Automotive industry by increasing importance for the original equipment manufacturers, suppliers, agents, captive financial institutions and others working in the mobility ecosystem. By harnessing the power of combined and connected physical and digital technologies, the internet of things, manufacturing of additives, robots, cloud computing, the companies in the value chain are becoming more flexible, more efficient, more responsive towards the market changes. They have improved the way, they run their businesses, attract customers, and deliver products and services. Some companies have studied some aspects of Industry 4.0, looking at the impact, opportunities and potential pitfalls that the organizations may encounter when they transform their businesses to digital way. Whether building a digital awareness network, digitizing product management, developing the capabilities of Industry 4.0 through partnering with start-ups or scaling anything up as a service, the study helped inform top digital transformation executives. The automotive executives study how Industry 4.0 is changing the automotive industry and demonstrate how some businesses use these technologies to accelerate design,  production and improve quality.  Technology also help to enhance the way they protect their businesses, products, business partners, and customers.

Automotive technology contributes to improving product quality, safety level, efficiency, and improving the experience for consumers. With some technology, buyers accept to spend an extra amount of money to own modern technology in their cars. Below are some of the improvements in the automotive industry.

Self-driving system

Self-driving technology has developed to level 3, car manufacturers such as Volvo, BMW, Nissan, etc have launched this technology on their models. Automotive vehicles (AV) are equipped with sensors, cameras, processing centres, data storage, etc to complete the process of collecting, remembering and performing safe driving steps. The development of safety equipment for self-driving cars makes users more comfortable in the process of self-driving vehicles. Some models achieve a high level of ability to handle the driver’s situations such as emergency braking, auto parking, automatic emergency braking in a dangerous situation, lane identification, pedestrian warning, lane keeping, adaptive cruise control, collision warning, etc. However, humans still play a major role in operating the vehicle, the self-driving system supports a part to ensure safety as well as support for emergencies.

Digital vehicle keys

In recent years, more automobiles have incorporated intelligent technology in automotive key fobs that enabled users to unlock and start their cars without physically inserting the key into the vehicle’s door or ignition switch, at long as the key fob was present. Now, technology is progressing to the point where even the key fob does not need to be present.

Moreover, technology allows user to unlock cars by mobile application in smartphone. This technology   is used in some luxury cars The mobile application is not only help driver to unlock car, start engine, it is also bring many benefit via its features: turn on the anti-theft system, increase the security layer, track maintenance schedule, GPS location, entertainment, car performance status, gasoline status, technical errors, etc. ,

Smart self- parking system


The smart self-parking technology uses a high-resolution camera system, capable of capturing real-time image data and processing, accompanied by a sensor system placed around the car to identify space. Smart self-parking technology automates all operations from collection, analysis and implementation. It helps to reduce the number of collision cases when parking, solving situations when you have a difficult parking location, etc.

Intelligent vehicle navigation system

The latest intelligent navigation technology  is the foundation to support self-driving technology. Intelligent navigation has the function of providing information, automatically updating the exact location for car owners. It is able to solve situations and offer flexible and fastest alternatives. Navigation assistance systems are aiming to improve safety and provide traffic optimization, and have become more and more popular in modern vehicular technology. The reason is given by the significant traffic increase and numerous congestion events in large cities, large complexity of road infrastructure and unexpected or hazardous conditions that can be found on roads.

Electric car technology

Electric cars are gradually becoming a revolution in the world automobile manufacturing industry, especially in developed countries such as Europe, America, Australia, etc. New electric cars equipped with many modern technologies. Users judge the design of the car more beautiful, refined and dynamic as they run on gasoline or diesel fuel. This is a car that will catch the development trend of modern society when it comes to green technology, limiting fuel use. The number of kilometres of electric cars that can be moved when a full charge is also improved compared to previous electric cars.

Consumers are increasing their expectations day by day, looking for convenience and smart. The advance technology needs to be improved to serve the high demand of consumers. The market trends push the manufacturers to invest in research and technology to meet market demand.

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