Cancer Patient Engagement

Our understanding about Cancer patients in Vietnam

Based on our experience and knowledge when conducting many researches with patients, we have some insights:

  • Majority 45+ patients.
  • Extremely disappointed and surprised after diagnosis.
  • Search for information right after diagnosis from close friends, close family members. Less patients search information via internet. But the close friends, family members who are searching information and give them advise.
  • Side effect makes patients feel worse.
  • Lacking information to maintain the psychological status.
  • Trust on doctor 100%, but also find out many alternatives solutions (Traditional methods)
  • Etc.

What is the cancer patient’s needs? What are their pain points?

What are the advantages of Digital patient engagement program can do for Cancer patients?


  • Education via PR, SEO website, newspaper about self-early scanning
  • Sponsor the cost of scanning in hospital

After Diagnosis

  • Mobile application: Disease management/ follow up, medical report/ education/ motivation/ psychology treatment.
  • Follow up: SMS/ Notification/ Email.

During Treatment Program:

  • Mobile application: nutrition, psychology maintenance, online club, best moment sharing.
  • Follow up checkup/ visits, disease management.
  • Follow up: SMS/ Notification/ Email

This would be an amazing opportunity for pharmaceutical companies and healthcare provider to approach the patient. 



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