We’ve seen a lot of great ideas for employee recognition & appreciation over the years, and for that we’d put together a comprehensive list of the best ones here. These examples will help you recognize the hard work and accomplishments of the individuals who work for your organization.

So, even if you find only one useful inspiration from this post, it’s worth writing about. Let’s go into this!

1. Send a “thank you” card

Why not make it more official by sending a thank you card instead of just saying thank you? A card is more memorable, and the recipient may become a nice physical keepsake.

In a digital world, an actual piece of paper telling a staff member that you appreciate them, thanking them for their work, can go a long way.

There are many ways that you can do this, from finding a good online service that allows you to deliver a thank you card to the home address of your employee, to design your own branded cards and hand-writing them yourself.

2. Give them real choice and real voice

Appreciation is not simply a system of games and rewards. Your culture should be built into it. One way to do that is to give real choices and actual voices to your staff.

Do your employees ever get to choose which projects they work on, or task always assigned to them? Do you listen and actually take action on their ideas or concerns, or do you listen but forget or dismiss what you have heard and continued with business as usual?

3. Organise team-building experiences

Don’t knock the experience of team building. When you mention them, they can get a groan or an eye roll, but when done properly, not only do they put the team closer together, but they can be a lot of fun.

Organizing team bonding events that are thoughtful and enjoyable can be a perfect way to show your workers that you care about getting along with each other. It’s too normal for bosses, sadly, to expect workers to look straight ahead, neglect their colleagues, and avoid fun at all costs.

The appropriate team building activities show them that you want them to blend and that you don’t fear having a good time at work for them!

4. Encourage continuing education.

Whether you help pay for educational events or are lenient with time off so that employees can attend educational events, show that you appreciate them so much that you want them to keep growing in their careers. And, as a member of the staff improves their qualifications, promote them. Few things are as frustrating as working hard only to have a boss who locks you into a dead-end job to be the best possible.

Reward for education and development push.

5. Lunch with a leader


Most of us like an opportunity to make others learn fascinating things about ourselves. Have a lunch time where the workers and the rest of the employees will share a hobby or interest. It’s a great way to get to know each other and discover something that you would never have thought of.

A perfect way to appreciate their commitment to the company, while making them feel unique, is to give workers the opportunity to rub shoulders with senior management. You could make it one-on-one, or you could assign a number of places at the table, and let the top 10 employees take part each month.


Employee appreciation should not be reserved for one day, but should be central to the culture of the business and be an all-around mentality embraced by leadership. Your workers are your most important asset, but some organizations are more vigilant and worried with maintaining equipment than letting their employees know they are respected and appreciated!

Employee appreciation is yet another page in your turnover-reduction playbook, as well as a way to boost a positive culture and a positive customer experience.

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