Advance chatbot using Artificial Intelligence

Advance chatbot using Artificial Intelligence (Machine learning)

Solution for 24/7 non stop sales and customer service

Key issues of Call Centre

Agent attrition

Difficult to hire the big quantity of agents. The reason are many, but majority is the working environment (Cramped in a cubicle 9-10 hours a day, answering calls of frustrated customers, low pay, and slim benefits )

Low customer satisfaction

  • Take time to connect to agents.
  • One way call center: Inbound only, not call back to customers.
  • Repeat issue in every calls.
  • Poor First Contact Resolution Rates

IT issues

CRM, workforce management (WFM) tools, sales order processing platforms, credit card security applications and automated voice response systems, etc. Many tools which make agents difficult to manage


Average absence rate is 10% globally. Fewer staff available to handle customer interactions, wait queues tend to increase and agents are put under pressure to spend less time on each call.

Lack of Skills

Difficult to maintain the same level of skills with many agents in call center.

Agent Engagement

The nature of a call center job and the constant stress of attaining targets erode away the enthusiasm of most employees

Reducing Background Noise

Sound literally bounces around busy, open-plan offices, and, when many advisors are on the phone, it’s often difficult for them to maintain concentration and focus on the call they’ve been assigned.

Our chatbot is using machine learning

Our chatbot:

  • Work 24/7, non-stop working.
  • Utilize the historical data: customer profile, customer segmentation, customer demand, customer reference, sales, marketing, finance.
  • Target right customers with right products/ services. Proactive to send messages and promptly response to enquiry.
  • Non-stop and unlimited the learning.
  • Connect to real agents when cannot answer the enquiry and continue to learn back –end base on the response of agents.
  • Proactive to propose solution in first interaction.
  • Connect and fletch data to other software.

The smart system to operate

  1. Customer contact to call center via website or social media channel (chat platform)

  2. Website and chat platform contact to Chatbot
  3. Chatbot connect to database to get all full data of customers
  4. Chatbot answer enquiry
  5. In case chatbot cannot answer enquiry, chatbot will connect to real Agents
  6. Agent response to customers. Data stored in database. Chatbot learn from agents

Capability of our chatbot

  • Sales improvement
  • Marketing campaign launching
  • Customer service enhancement
  • Customer feedback collection
  • Sign up form/ Register form


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