Again it is that time of year. It’s time for the annual survey of employees to be planned. You trust in the value of employee satisfaction surveys. In recent years, however, there have been numerous concerns, including reports that employee surveys are too long, redundant questions, and do not elicit truthful answers.

But it is possible to produce a survey that gives you the data you need can be generated while still having a positive employee experience.

To do this, you need to select the right questions that provide the most data for your survey. Here are 24 questions you must include:

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Organization relation survey

  1. Is there a clear understanding of the organization’s strategic goals?
  2. Is it obvious to you what your position demands in achieving the goals of the company?
  3. Do you feel that there is the opportunity for individual career growth and development?
  4. In the next 2 years, will you be working for the same company?
  5. Are you overall happy with your job?

Job passion and self-evaluation survey

  1. Do you experience personal growth such as upgrading your skills and learning other tasks?
  2. Does management involve you while you make decisions related to leadership?
  3. Do you feel your manager values you?
  4. Do you think that your work makes a positive difference to the lives of others?
  5. Do you think you’ve had enough training to solve problems with customers?
  6. Do you believe your personal family time is respected by the management?


Teamwork survey

      12.  Do you enjoy being a member of your current team?

      13.  Is your team an inspiration to do your best at work for you?

  1. Does your team give you a lot support at work whenever necessary?

Information & communications survey

      15.  Do you struggle to get information at work to make better choices?

      16.  Do you know who to go to for a solution if anything unusual comes up?

      17.  Will the company notify you of all the tools and resources to conduct your duties well?

Relationship with the supervisor survey

     18.  Do your bosses encourage you to make the best effort?

     19.  Do you feel rewarded for your commitment and dedication to the job?

    20.  Do you feel your points of view have been appreciated by your superior?

     21.  Do you feel that there is a scope for personal growth, such as improving skills?

Work/Life balance survey

     22.  Do you believe that the workplace environment helps you strike the right balance between your work and personal life?

     23.  Is your work causing you an unreasonable amount of stress?

     24. Do you think a healthy balance between work life and personal life is understood by your manager?


Benefits of employee satisfaction survey questions 

Let ASHAVI walk you through some of the main advantages or benefits offered by employee satisfaction survey questions.

Understanding training requirements

Organizations need their staff to provide training and learning programs. Employees need to reskill and upskill on a continual basis in today’s day and age. The lack of internal training and development programs will contribute to employee dissatisfaction. To find out if that is the reason and take appropriate action, use your surveys. Ensuring appropriate training provides workers with improved readiness to move into higher-level positions.

Understanding and improving levels of productivity

Employees who are not satisfied with their role or assignments in the job have very low levels of production. Using the correct questions from the employee satisfaction survey, you can identify if an employee is satisfied with their role and what steps can be taken to improve the level of satisfaction. This will help to improve the employee’s satisfaction and also productivity levels.

Retaining staffs

It is difficult to retain employees, and what is more difficult is to find new employees in place of employees who have left. Organizations spend more money on recruiting new employees than on employee retention. Asking the correct questions in your survey can help you identify and retain employees that may be a risk of attrition.



To sum up, measuring employee engagement is a very important activity that helps companies achieve real results. Conducting a comprehensive survey is a valuable way to gain insights from your employees.

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